Time-lapsing the day away

Every morning for the past month I made a time-lapse video of my life-logging photos . It’s become a habit, like watching an X-ray of the day before.

To do that I used Time-lapse Tool, a free program. You just open a new project, point it to the folder you want and decide how long you want the video to be. I decided on 2 minutes. Any less and the day seemed to fly by and I couldn’t see too much detail. Any more and it seemed to take too much time.

Ok, watching one day was interesting, but then I wondered how it would look to have all the days of the month run by on the same screen, like a calendar of days passed, but filled with movement. I placed each daily time-lapse video into Soundtaxi, to convert them to a smaller size and then I imported each one into a single powerpoint slide. I made them all the same size and then it was just a matter of including dates. I took a screen video of the powerpoint presentation using Snagit and voilà!

I had already seen each video individually, on a big screen but watching them altogether I was mostly surprised by how small and insigificant it made the month look. Just 8 days of weekends? It also stimulates a series of questions, like what was the end result of all that movement (cars, metros, sidewalks). Is it efficient? What really got done?

I’ve shown the video to family and they complain that it makes them a bit dizzy. I think it’s because, like me, the’re trying to recognize events. Friends however seem to just take it in, and not get to dizzy, maybe since they don’t have that close day to day personal context. So then my question is, what do you see? Here is an 8 second section of it. If you want to see the longer version you’ll have to come over for coffee.




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